Free Food
Reducing Food Waste

The Story

Freegan.Kitchen, a place where all the food is free, where everybody is welcome from all walks of life and all frames of mind. The food is prepared and served without expecting anything in return. Freegan.Kitchen works without support from financial donations. It thrives on people, creativity and generosity.



join the fun


Every Monday you are welcome for a free dinner, which is served at 17:30. Just grab a chair and you’ll shortly be informed about our meal of the day. We have food for approximately a 100 people so no reservations are necessary.

Food Collecting

You can always help us out with picking up food from the weekly market, local farmers or shops. Maybe you grow your own food and want to share your surplus. We always appreciate good ideas, transportation or a helping hand with collecting food.

cooking & cutting

Every Monday from 12:00 you are more than welcome to participate by cooking and cutting, there is always something to do. Our door is open.

Every Monday food for ±100 people, no reservations